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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  July 18, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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workers along the embarcadero lead to an officer called shooting in the financial district. ann mackovic has the very latest. >> the man that was shot by police here in the financial district is in moscow right now, his injuries are life threatening and he may not make it out of surgery. let me take you to when this all began 45 minutes ago at pier 17, this chocolate factory behind me, according to police he and another man both employees at the factory or in some sort of an argument. and the suspect took a box cutter and stabbed the other employee. they both took off chasing each other down the embarcadero, officers got the call that there was someone on the loose who had stabbed a co-worker in the arm. they found him then at washington and drum and officers say he had his hands in his pockets. they ask him to show his hands, and any display box
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cutter, lunging at one of the officers, a female officer, they then shot at him twice and he was hit in the abdomen, so he fell to the ground and were able to turn them over and start cpr, the ambulance came and he is now in surgery. so in the meantime, we are just waiting to hear more about his condition. we know that he is a 30 year-old man from cambodia but he did speak english. officers say that he should have been able to understand their commands to show his hands when he did not do that. and that is what we have right now, live from where this all started at pier 17 on the embarcadero. >> thank you very much. life of a suspended sherrif ross mirkarimi will testify at her husband's at six hearing sometime later this afternoon. he could lose his job over this new year's eve dispute that left ileana lopez with a bruise on her arm, she had been living in her native venezuela for the past few months with her son theodore but says that she never wanted charges filed.
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the international guests are in the state to exchange ideas. the goal is to stop violence on both sides of the border. patrick kane shows us the lessons learned from the oakland police. >> in oakland this morning, to gas from the mexico city police force are accompanying los oak lawn police officers. >> they wanted to see what the activity was here in oakland california. >> these officers are here to learn about oakland police and how they track criminals and gunfire. in an effort to get better acquainted with american crime- fighting techniques. they describe their daily challenges in mexico city. >> mexico right now is going through tough times, and yes, it is violence. so they have resources where they have even better weapons and weapons they have. >> they learned of the impending visit to the latino association and extended the invitation.
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>> not only can you provide information on how we do things here, but they will be sharing information with us as well. >> on this ride along a mexican officers watch with a keen eyes, learning what they can through the week. >> my goal is that of course he learns, hopefully there is something that he can see and maybe take back with him to mexico, or learning to a safer method of doing police work. >> let all that this is the first of many exchange programs with the possibility of the oakland police department going down to mexico to exchange ideas there as well. reporting from oakland, cbs 5. >> a deadly bombing today in syria has killed three people and renewed calls for stronger sanctions against the regime. the defense minister and the brother-in-law of the syrian president were among the dead in damascus. rebels have claimed
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responsibility for the attack. the u.s. announced financial sanctions against more than two dozen syrian leaders. >> we're very concerned by the increasing violence that has taken place in syria. this is a situation that is rapidly spreading out of control. >> prior to the attack the united nations security council had planned to vote on a resolution aimed at ending the 17 month crisis. that vote has been delayed until thursday. a war hero wounded while fighting for our freedoms has been back in united states for a little while now but today the bay area native truly came home. >> cate caugurian was there when he got the keys to his new mortgage free house. >> oh my gosh!. >> the land of the free gives this soldier a new home forces freely curious >> i am in shock. i really am.
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i have never been in the house like this. >> bank of america partner with a military warrior support foundation to give this sergeant the keys to a new home unlocking new possibilities for him and his family. >> to think that now i will be able to raise my family, here, with so many people from the community reaching out to us, and willing to help us out, i could have never expected this. >> he served three combat tours overseas with the marine corps and was given a purple heart after sustaining head injuries during operation iraqi freedom. >> you get to these points in your life, and, you know, coming back from combat and everything, dealing with your own personal issues and personal problems. >> a war that he fights day-by- day, to it was not about his past, but celebrating his future. >> be a just and back to civilian life can be very challenging. and so the ability to bring families home again us, and to
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start over is one great way to stabilize neighborhoods, and bring communities back together again. >> this is the first home donation for bank of america northern california >> pistol to has come home. >> much deserve. keeping tabs on every mile you drive, >> and the next at 4 high-speed rail in california, the new law that promises billions for the project. >> and fighting belief that with food, what health experts say you should eat to if you want a flat stomach. >> except for some lingering clouds along the coast, we're seeing clearing skies especially in the inland areas. and we are,,,,,,,,
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>> california is on track for a whole lot of track. governor jerry brown signed the high-speed rail funding bill in los angeles allowing for $8 billion in funding to get the project started. >> there are those that cannot see the future because there had is in the sand, i say that the future is right here, at union station, and building out word. >> , jerry brown headed to san francisco to do it all over again, he will sign the funding measure later today at the trans-bay transit center near the embarcadero. exclusive eyewitness news polls show that california voters may be on the fence with his job performance with his approval rating only a 41% but his disapproval numbers are still higher, nearly half of those surveyed give the governor's
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performance a funds down. >> the uc board of regents is meeting again today to talk about tuition but this time the discussion is about not raising it, whether that works out will depend on california voters. ann mackovic is here with the alternative that has already sparked a protest. >> protesters interrupted the board of regents meeting this morning, even dancing dressed as zombies sang that student debt is killing them. after police declared an unlawful assembly, the students left in the regions took a break. this was after the public comment time when students spoke their minds. >> many highly educated uc graduates are unemployed and deeply in debt to student loans. >> a scenario that could get much worse if the governor's tax measure does not pass in november. the regents are deciding on two measures, one would freeze tuition unless the tax fails in which case undergraduate tuition
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would go up in january by 20 percent. >> today we face the highest test of stewardship. this is a defining moment for the board of regents. >> the other vote could jack up prices for graduate students up to 10 percent for law school and up to 23 percent for business schools and nursing schools up to 35%. one of the reasons against the plan, lt. gov. gavin newsom. >> this thing is a lock so people are protesting and they're frustrated. i must feel like i should join them and i am a member of this body. we're not having a comprehensive discussion about the future. >> of the governor's revenue initiative does not pass in november, the university will descend into a dire state of affairs. >> an argument many protesters are not buying. >> $900 million in profit at uc hospitals? more managers and teachers, raises for top management? no money? >> there you go, that was ann
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mackovic reporting. the skinny on fat busters. the food that works and treats you need to avoid to trim up that alley. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a new money-making idea has sparked quite a conversation among viewers on social media.
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>> it will affect us all if it works out, the proposal taxing people for every mile they drive in the bay area. the idea is to reduce traffic and pollution while raising money for public transit. it may authorize the study as soon as tomorrow. they're talking about a dime per mile. question to yours is how would you feel if you had to pay for each mile you drive? dozens shared their thoughts on facebook including don who writes " governments need to get out my house and car and out my life ". that is the sink. johnny says " we pay too much of gasoline taxes, and he says " that money is supposed to go to fix roads, but sacramento keep finding ways to raise those funds ". >> lots of people feeling strongly about that. and as you heard by now, the yahoo surprise higher came with a surprise of her own. >> carissa meyer broke the news of a pregnancy. today on cbs this morning she
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applauded both sides for stepping up to the plate. >> they decided, they embraced the idea that they are going to hire what is now the youngest person who is running a fortune 500 company, 37 years old, she is pregnant, and we believe she can do it and carissa said to herself " i believe i can do this ". >> she took over on tuesday after spending more than a decade at google. >> and by the way, there is a baby boom going on at the oakland zoo. in recent months there have been hundreds of new arrivals began small including three baby river otters, nine spotted turtles and 18 anchor>> live answered started zookeeper's also have their hands full with hundreds of tadpoles and millipedes. we're talking small and large. >> i am not a big frog but the
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little frogs are cute. let's dig into the weather. check this out, we're seeing blue skies and warmer temperatures this afternoon and we're starting a warming trend so if you like today you will really like tomorrow and into the weekend. out the door we're seeing seventies already, san jose, livermore about 63 degrees in san fransisco. once again blue skies especially in the inland areas. it looks like the clouds will stick around along the coast before the most part this afternoon we're going to see areas of sunshine and low clouds returning tonight. yes the gradual warming does continue. we're watching this low pressure system to the north of the bay area. that is bringing us unseasonably cool weather for the past few days but we also have i high- pressure system now slowly moving into the bay area. that is what is now bringing this warming trend our way. here's a look at your forecast for later on this afternoon. we're seeing other seventies, some low '80s especially in the
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south bay and 78 in san jose and 81 in morgan hill. livermore going to see a temperature of 80 degrees otherwise upper seventies in places like pleasant hill, warm up creek. and along the coast and they wear those clouds are sticking around is where you're going to see cooler temperatures. 66 in sausalito and only about 62 degrees today if you want to hit stinson beach. here's your forecast over the next several days. a little bit below average, thursday will be slightly warmer, not by much. and friday will see a quick bump up in some mergers and then by the weekend we'll see a return of the '90s and once again those temperatures remained pretty seasonable for this time of year. >> we're happy about the weekend. >> it should be really nice and it will finally feel like summer once again. >> do you guys belong to a gym?
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>> i just quit. get off the couch, researchers say that physical activity is more deadly than smoking. europeans argal leaders in the couch potato lifestyle. experts recommend taking a cue from the olympians and squeeze in a little bit of exercise at least 20 minutes per day. >> now feel obligated to do so. if you're looking to trim down on our belief that, you can eat certain foods to help you out. circassian branson gives us the skinny on fat busters for your belly and everywhere else. >> donna from somsanta monica beach her workout seriously but admits to a popular problem spots. >> at this age of my life, the middle, keeping that tight, i have always had a very flat stomach but all of a sudden, no matter what i eat, still, not
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flat like it used to be. >> it can be troublesome and that is why nicole curry and santa monica beach focuses on the court. >> your abdominal storm barry essential to keeping the middle tones. >> certain foods can fight daily fat. experts say to load up on leafy greens and high fiber vegetables like celery, cucumbers, they can detoxify your digestive system and help to flatten your belly. >> you call it a whole foods category, it is beneficial for flattening the midsection. >> belief that is associated with a lot of medical conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol. >> she is the director of the weight loss department and specializes in nutrition. she says that it is tough to target fat cells in a certain spot, it is best to adopt a heart healthy diet to shed pounds over all along with five servings of fruits and vegetables, she recommends small
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portions of avocado, olive oil, and not. >> those are facts that are particularly good because they could help bring down the bad cholesterol and help race good cholesterol. >> said she also says it is about what you cut, sodium less than 2 mg or 1 tsp. per day. limit on and on which can boost triglycerides. >> belief that is very harmful. it is not a cosmetic problem, but a medical problem. >> lots of good tips there. millions of legos,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have him arrested more than 10,000 lego pieces in southern california, and ship them to the theme parks around the world. the workshop workers to choose from $69 and more than 15,000 shapes. >> there are at least 35 million lego bricks inside, snap them all together and you get anything from monkeys to frogs, to a fedora. i have only been able to make walls out of them. >> do you know what legal means? two danish boys put it together and it means " play well ". ,,
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>> liam: (knocks on door) figured i owed you a visit. >> brooke: (sighs) >> liam: can i come in? >> brooke: of course. >> liam: so i talked to hope... (sighs) and, uh, told her about kissing steffy. >> brooke: i know. i also know that's all that you told her when there's so much more. i mean, don't you think that hope, your wife, should know how far you were prepared to go with another woman on your wedding day? >> liam: (sighs)


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